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Family Therapy

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Family Physician - Appointment and Walk in clinic

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Dietary Consultation and Coaching

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Pediatrician (Referral Only)

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Psychiatry ( Psychiatry care is by referral only)

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International Medical Service

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Medical Esthetics - Skin Procedure/Cosmetic Surgery

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Area of Practice:

Family, Couple, Premarital, Marital, Mood Disorder, Anxiety disorder, Workplace, Christian/Faith based Counseling, Stress/Burnout, PTSD, Parenting, Eating disorder, Anger Management, Relationship issues, Image distortion issue, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Psychological Assessment and Testing

Meet your Pediatrician
Dr. Christianah Owoeye, MBBS, DCH, MRCPI, and FRCP

I am a pediatric specialist with a broad scope of experience and expertise. my work experience includes hospital based practices and community pediatric clinics in Ireland and Canada

My areas of interests are:


• Autism

• Learning disability

• Developmental delay

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Substance use disorder

• Eating disorder

• Newborn concerns

• Reflux

• Feeding problem,

• Growth failure to thrive

• Recurrent infections anemia

• chronic abdominal pain/constipation

• Bedwetting

• Asthma/chronic cough

• Headache

• Chronic fatigue

• Obesity

• Sexual health/menstrual issues

See your family doctor for a referral.

Dr. Solomon Abe (Family Physician)
Dr. Christiannah Owoeye (Pediatrician)
Dr. Emer Ofokansi (Psychiatrist)
Dr.Uchenna Ofokansi (Psychiatrist)
Dr. A.G. Ahmed (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Olabisi Owoeye (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Denis Cheung (Cosmetic Procedures)
Dr. Babalola Adejumo (Family Physician)

Call 613-440-7762 for more info or Email us Referral – Fax:1-855-515-6112 or send via email : info@precisionmedic.ca